What makes us different?

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Doreen with two people outside of The Quirky Carrot in Alexandria, ON

Business Sisters exists to support women business owners in rural eastern Ontario. This makes us “networking group” with events, both live and online. Other groups exist that do that; what makes us different?

No hustling

Let’s be clear: if you’re in business you have something to sell. But it doesn’t mean you have to push your product or hustle for customers. At least not at our events. Sales will come when people know and trust you. If you’re genuinely willing to help, then Business Sisters is for you.

Peer to Peer

Business Sisters activities are based on the belief that collectively we already have the wisdom we need to start, run and grow our businesses. We just need to share that wisdom. That’s why our content showcases local entrepreneurs. Everyday role models who are relatable because they work hard and they are willing to help others by sharing what they have learned. We’re not about “gurus” and pedestals.

A Social Enterprise

Business Sisters is a for-profit social enterprise. That combination may be a surprise to you. But the reality is that in Canada there are only four legal business statuses: for-profit, not-for-profit, charity and cooperative. And a “social enterprise” can be any of those four things.

So we run our activities with the hope of achieving a profit. We believe that’s a no brainer because well, we’re about entrepreneurship!

Where the social enterprise factor comes in is that our bottom line is not the only thing we look at. We have very clear success metrics that don’t appear on regular balance sheets. Like the number of rural women-owned businesses we want to help, and how. Did our members learn something that helped them save money, earn money or feel less stressed? Even happier?? Yes, contrary to traditional business beliefs, we like to measure happiness and well-being. We know sometimes women are pushed to start their business out of necessity, but why can’t they continue because they feel good about it?

Business Sisters’ mission is to create happy, resilient rural communities, one woman-owned business at a time. Thanks for being here.

Doreen Ashton Wagner
Doreen Ashton Wagner
Founder | Fondatrice

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