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Use our free business advisory services, attend our events, and connect with a sisterhood of business women who want to help you thrive.
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We’ll help you do great things.

If you’re a rural entrepreneur (or are planning to become one), you know about facing challenges head on. Yet sometimes you also feel overwhelmed, scared to make mistakes, and unsure where to go for help. Turn to us—we can give you advice and help connect to a community of sisters who feel your pain points!

Why join the community?

Andrée Gauthier from Attic Treasures & Flowers, Alexandria
“I was approved for the $10,000 My Main Street grant. None of this would have been possible without your support and encouragement and that of the wonderful community of business women brought together by Business Sisters.”
Andrée Gauthier
Jess Levasseur from Holistic Doula Services, Cornwall
“As someone who started their business less than a year ago, it was so great connecting with fellow women entrepreneurs at all different stages of their businesses. I woke up the next morning feeling excited to keep pushing even when times are tough!”
Jess Levasseur
Marie Noëlle Lanthier from Independent Consultant, The Nation
“Doreen is our region’s champion for entrepreneurship and women’s leadership. Working with her and Business Sisters is a pleasure and that means having fun on your way to success.”
Marie Noëlle Lanthier
Independent Consultant, The Nation
Kenna McCall from TerrAdore Gemstone Art & Jewellery, Merrickville
“I already gave a 5-star rating on Eventbrite for the Business Sister event earlier in the week. I and my guest both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, met new people, and were very inspired by the positivity of the group and genuine celebration of each other's successes. I hope we have another opportunity to meet with the sisters.”
Kenna McCall
Louise Bourbonnais from Salon Louise, Embrun
“I enjoyed my evening last Tuesday. I had the chance to meet and make new contacts with business women. Thank you very much for taking the time to organize these business evenings.”
Louise Bourbonnais