Our New Summer “Pop-Up” Space!

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As of yesterday, it is official! Business Sisters has a new “pop-up” space for the summer. We were so pleased to see those who came and visited for our Open House.  We encourage any who weren’t able to make it to stop by anytime!

Neighbouring business owners and community members have asked: why are you here?

We are here to LISTEN

This space gives us a place where folks drop by for a chat about starting, running and growing a small business. And it’s our chance to listen. Before we establish programs and offer services, we want to understand what is wanted. What are the common roadblocks, challenges, and barriers that entrepreneurs are facing now, post-COVID, in their business journey? We want to take it all in so we can  create the services that can best help our women business owners.

(So if you are reading this and have just 4 minutes, please fill out our Survey).

Here to be PRESENT

Business Sisters has been in action since 2018, and we felt it was time to have a physical presence in the community. We want to be present so we can offer tangible help. A place where you can stop in quickly to get advice. To vent about the struggles of owning, running, living and breathing your business. To bounce off ideas. And event get help filling out funding applications, such as for the My Mainstreet Program.

Here to HELP

Being in the heart of Alexandria, it’s so nice to see that there is still activity on our Main Street after the veil of Covid. Of course, after those trying years, business has changed dramatically. The My Main Street initiative is to get our small towns lively again! Whether it be from a pre-existing business or a start-up, there are 10, $10,000 grants up for grabs by consumer-facing businesses in either Alexandria or Maxville. This is a great opportunity, one of many we hope to bring to our rural region. If help is needed, you now know where to reach us now!

Though this is only a little glimpse of what the future of Business Sisters looks like, (stay tuned for more information to come) stop by into our little “pop-up” space for a coffee and hello anytime.

Join us at 13 Main Street North, Alexandria, ON. Business hours are posted to Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn every Monday morning.

What do you think?

Thanks for reading, and be sure to leave us a comment on your thoughts!

Community Manager | Gestionnaire de la communauté
Community Manager | Gestionnaire de la communauté
Community Manager | Gestionnaire de la communauté

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