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We’ve talked about how Business Sisters is dedicated to women entrepreneurs and why we focus on those in rural areas. Our third pillar is keeping it real.

It’s about being genuine

Maybe it’s because in the country we like it better when people are themselves. Pretense is not our cup of tea. After all, we do deal with a lot of shit, quite literally, as our farming Business Sisters will attest. I may be getting philosophical here but maybe the cycle of life – the birthing and the dying – is closer to us with our farming roots. So we don’t tolerate artifice so well.

That doesn’t mean that we are less interested in doing things the right way in business. We are proud business owners and just because we’re in small towns does not mean we think small or dream small!

That said, you won’t find a “one-size-fits-all” formula here. This is not about preaching from the mountain, and having one person spew out magic formulas and “X-steps to 6 figure-income.” That, in our book, is pure B.S.

Learning from each other

Instead, Business Sisters is about learning from each other’s experience. Listening to what worked and what didn’t. Figuring out what we can tweak in our own business or personal life. It’s about sharing information, and referring trusted professionals. Collaborating and doing business with one another when we can, so that our communities are stronger and happier.

That’s why you’ll find our programming includes interviews with women who have accomplished a lot, yet are remarkably relatable and generous with their insights. Our networking events also create conversations and idea exchanges. Click here to view upcoming events.

Also watch for features on Business Sisters from across our region, in all industries. Because we believe in bridging the distance between us, even the language that at times separates us.

Finally we also will be adding formal peer-to-peer mentoring and action-driven workshops to help you get more done. This is a bit tricky with COVID for now, but we’re committing to bringing you these opportunities safely, either in person or virtually. Stay tuned and thanks for reading!

Doreen Ashton Wagner
Doreen Ashton Wagner
Founder | Fondatrice

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