Are You an Acrobat Too?

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Do you ever feel like a circus acrobat performing crazy tricks while spinning plates in the air?

It can be so exhausting to keep a business going — marketing, accounting, inventory (insert the long list of tasks here) — while taking care of kids or parents, or both.

That’s how I felt around international women’s day, ironically. Then my plates came crashing down when I fell ill and tested positive for Covid.

You’re reading a blog post that should have come out on March 13, but I just couldn’t make it happen. I had to focus on getting healthy again first.

I’m sharing this because for women, much of the conversation around entrepreneurship glosses over the harsh reality of keeping things going. If “the hustle” is talked about at all, it’s held up as a badge of honor. That’s NOT helpful.

Oh, and we’re supposed to be doing that while the news of war and climate collapse is swirling all around us. We could be forgiven for wanting to curl up in a little ball in a corner and just give up!


But we don’t; we pick ourselves up and face the world again. Is that resilience? Perhaps. Read my blog about it — I’d love to hear your take.

What I know for sure it’s that individually, we don’t have all the answers. But when I get together with others, especially my Business Sisters, I feel more resilient, better equipped.

That’s why I’m adding events to our calendar. See you soon I hope!

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Community Manager | Gestionnaire de la communauté
Community Manager | Gestionnaire de la communauté
Community Manager | Gestionnaire de la communauté

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