10/16/2023 7:56 PM

Conversations Around Money - Series of 4 Workshops

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Conversations Around Money - Series of 4 Workshops

Why is it tough to talk about money, and specifically pricing in business? In conversations with women entrepreneurs, we hear so much concern about setting the right prices. Are rural customers too cheap for what I have to offer? Will people still buy from me if I increase prices? Am I leaving money on the table?

These worries are shared privately, because we're afraid to let on we don't always know. Time to stop suffering in silence.

In this series of workshops we start from three basic principles:

  1. Business is not about squeezing every cent out of client. It's about what works for YOU, and your business. Everyone is different.
  2. There are no silver bullets or magic formulas. Only trial and error; some things will work, others won't. And that's OK! The point is to try and learn from the result -- whether that is success or failure.
  3. We can learn from one another. Sometimes we can't see the trees from the forest in our own business. But sharing ideas, and applying approaches from different industries, can help us find a solution.

In Conversations about Money, we discuss concepts about setting prices, increasing them, and earning a level of income that we are comfortable with. We aim to have a respectful and confidential environment, so you can walk away with practical ideas to help you in your business NOW. Plus you'll connect with other women business owners who understand what it's like to be your own boss.

All sessions take place on a Monday, from 7 to 9 pm, with topics as follows:

September 11: Setting prices that work for you. In this first workshop we will discuss current common practices about price setting for goods and for services. We'll also discuss new ways of pricing based on social entrepreneurship practices. Expect lots of opportunities to exchange opinions and observations. The idea is to get comfortable with talking about money and earning a healthy living!

September 25: Increasing your prices & upselling. So you have a basic price structure for the services you offer, and the goods you make and/or re-sell. But costs are increasing; how do you cover yourself so you don't fall behind? How do you communicate increases to regulars? What else could you do to add value, increase your profit -- without feeling "icky" about it?

October 16: Testing & pricing a new concept. You have an idea for a new service or product. You want to launch it, but you're not sure what price is right. How can you test an idea without underpricing or overpricing? Once you've launched, how can you tweak an offering so you can sell more?

October 30: Pricing approaches to creating loyalty. Constantly hustling for your next customer takes a lot of energy. What if you could create an offering that gives you a predictable level of business from month-to-month, or season-to-season? What about a price structure that increases client satisfaction but makes it easier for you to deliver?

You can reserve for all four workshops, and save $30. Or you can reserve the workshop of your choice at $45 + HST.

Tickets include the class, all materials, refreshments and a snack.